Israeli occupation committed ‘full-fledged war crime’ in Gaza’s refugee camp, says Hamas

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas described the Israeli airstrike which targeted residential house in Al Shate’ Refugee Camp, west of Gaza city and killed five children and two women as full-fledged war crime.

"The Israeli occupation committed a full-fledged war crime against civilians in Al Shate’ Refugee Camp. This is a reflection of the Zionist terrorism practiced against our people," said Hamas Spokesman Hazem Qasem.

"Committing this crime reflects the size of the occupation’s inability to face off Palestinian resistance in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem," Qasem added.

"This Zionist behaviour confirms that the Palestinian resistance took the right decision when it had decided to face the Israeli aggression in order to protect children from the Israeli terrorism," he stressed.

It is worth noting that a whole Palestinian family of seven members (five children and two women) was mercilessly massacred last night by Israeli warplanes that hit their home in Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. Only a two-month-old baby has miraculously survived the Israeli attack.

Source : Safa