Israel assassinates joy of Palestinian bride and groom... and turns it into a nightmare

The Israeli occupation warplanes assassinated the dreams of Maysaa Abo Al-Ouf, 22, and Walid Al-Bitar, 30, and declined their wedding supposed to be on May 28th as they killed Maysaa with a number of her family members. 

She could not realize what happened to her family after the targeting of their home in Al-Wahda Street, which resulted in 9 martyrs; 5 of them were women. 

Israel destroyed 3 residential buildings on May 16 without prior notice in a massacre that resulted in 42 killed and dozens of civilians injured. 

"They ruined my happiness" 

"They ruined the happiness of my heart," Maysaa said to Safa while her fiance was taking what was left from the wedding preparations from under the rubbles despite the big efforts she made with her mother, who lies in the extensive care now. 

"My sister, Shaymaa, was also supposed to be preparing for her wedding, but she went to heaven. May she rest in peace," she said. 

"Happiness left our home, the Israeli occupation stole the joy from my heart, and killed my two sisters," she added. 

Maysaa was supposed to send her wedding trousseau to her husband's home in the east of Gaza after Eid Al-Fitr but the Israeli aggression on Gaza lasted for 11 days and killed her happiness. 

The occupation army destroyed the Abo Al-Ouf building that housed 8 apartments where 8 families live. 

Unforgettable moments 

Alaa Abo Al-Ouf, the father of Maysaa and Shaimaa, described the Israeli targeting of their home as unforgettable moments and a terrific nightmare as he cannot believe that he lost his daughters. 

"I went to the supermarket to bring some necessities for the home. Minutes later, I heard my son screaming; hurry up, dad, our home felt down!" he said. 

Tears did not leave Abo Al-Ouf's cheek while describing the scene of his building collapsing in front of his eyes over his family. "I stood still. I couldn't move. I didn't believe that my home collapsed," he said. 

He added, "our souls were cheaper for Netanyahu than giving a call to evacuate the home. We are in a criminal world. How could the world be silent on all of these terrific crimes against the civilians."

Liberation day is our joy

Walid Al-Bitar expressed his sadness about what happened to Abo Al-Ouf family, saying that they won't allow the Israeli occupation to steal their happiness and that they will be happy when his mother-in-law gets well. 

"Our joy will be on the liberation day," he said. 

He was getting ready for his wedding as he finished preparing his apartment. 

"Our wedding was supposed to be on May 28. I printed the invitation cards and sent them to my fiancee, but Allah is the best of Disposer of affairs," he added.

Source : Safa