Israel issues 155 administrative detention orders since beginning of May

Palestinian Society Prisoner's Club stated that the Israeli occupation authorities issued 155 orders of administrative detention against the Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank; 84 new orders were issued since the beginning of May. 

It noted that the occupation authorities have been performing systematic detention campaigns that have affected more than 2400 Palestinians since the beginning of May, and attacked them and their families physically. 

It considered this escalation too risky as all realities indicate that the Israeli occupation authorities continue to use the policy of administrative detention on a large scale. 

Palestinian Society of Prisoner's Club also stated that the Israeli authorities aim at undermining any confrontations or attempts to change the current situations in Palestine by the policy of administrative detention. 

"The occupation authorities have been using this policy since the first years of occupation; the number of administrative prisoners increased in the first years and then decreased after 1977. Between 1987 and 2000, the numbers increased again. In 2015, the occupation reused the administrative detention policy and issued 1248 orders," the Club said. 

It called on the international organization of human rights to act and end this policy and called for boycotting the Israeli occupation courts

The number of administrative prisoners reached 500, including 3 children and two women. 

Source : Safa