Israeli forces citizen from Tayibe to self-demolish his home

The Israeli authorities on Wednesday forced Nabil Omarour from the Tayibe city in the occupied territories in 1948 to self-demolish his, under construction, house.
The decision of the self-demolition of the house came to avoid the exorbitant fines imposed by the Israeli authorities when carrying out the demolition process.
According to the Arab48 website; the 2-storey house is under and located in the eastern region of the Tayibe.
The Israeli authorities issued an order to demolish the house, under the pretext of not being licensed.
The house was threatened to be demolished about a year ago and the owner of the house issued an order from the Israeli court to freeze the demolition for a year, which expired last week.
The towns of the occupied territories in 1948 witnessed an escalation in the demolition of homes, shops, commercial stores, and industrial workshops under the pretext of non-licensing, as happened in Jaffa, Kafr Qasim, Qalansawa, Lod, the Negev, and others.
Source : Safa