Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network warns of consequences that might arise from intensified Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization Network warned of the grave consequences of the Israeli occupation continuation's to tighten the blockade imposed on Gaza. 

The network condemned, in a press release, the Israeli authorities' continuation in imposing the intensified blocked on Gaza's people and goods amid the huge deconstruction that affected the infrastructure, constructions, and buildings in the latest aggression on Gaza. 

It mentioned that the Israeli occupation prevents the entry of different kinds of goods except for some food products, medicines, and fuel, prevents exporting all goods produced in Gaza, including agricultural products, and puts severe restrictions on fishing in the Gaza Sea. 

It confirmed that the Israeli occupation keeps the blocked imposed on Gaza, the borders closed, the area allowed for fishers to hunt tights to deepen the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and cause lots of losses in different health, social and economic sectors. 

The non-governmental organizations 
 called on the international community to act and force Israel to lift the blockade and open the borders in front of the movement of people and goods on both sides, and to allow the fishers to sail and hunt in the Gaza sea without being attacked. 

It also called on all concerned parties to refuse any justifications or conditions to rebuild Gaza amid the ongoing blockade imposed on Gaza for more than 14 years. 

Source : Safa