Israel's popularity notably falls across Europe after latest war on Gaza

YouGov Eurotrack data showed significant results about Israel's popularity fall  (2021)across Europe after the latest Israeli war on Gaza. 

It said on its website that Israel's popularity suffered significantly across the European countries since they last tested in February. 

It showed that Britain was least popularity for Israel, with a popularity rating from -14 in February to -41 in May, confirming it is the lowest since 2016. 

It appeared that only 13% of the Labour Party view Israel positively, while 68% view it negatively. 

Regarding the Conservative Party, 53% view Israel negatively while 29% view it positively. 

In France, it was notable that Israel's popularity fell from -13 to -36, which is the lowest since 2019. Similar falls were found in Sweden and Germany.  

Source : Safa