Israel transfers two prisoners from Bethlehem to administrative detention

The Israeli Military Occupation Court issued two administrative detention orders against the two prisoners, Fadi Nasrallah and Ahmad Al-Hajajra, from Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, in the south of the occupied West Bank for 6 months.

Asra Media Office reported that the occupation forces had arrested the two prisoners, Nasrallah and Al-Hajajra, on June 3, 2021, after raiding their homes in the Aida camp, destroying their contents, and taking them to interrogation at the Etzion Center.

After 10 days of their arrest and the failure of the intelligence to charge them, it recommended that they be transferred to administrative detention without charge or trial.

During the last two months, the occupation authorities escalated the issuance of administrative orders against Palestinian prisoners without charge, aiming to achieve a policy of deterrence and controlling the widespread protests that confront the aggressive policies of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

Source : Safa