March of Flags... Israeli attempt to restore dominance and power

Despite all the Palestinian and international warnings of the consequences that might follow the March of Flags in Jerusalem, the new Israeli government insists to conduct it on Tuesday. 

Omer Bar-Lev, Israeli Minister of Internal Security, ratified yesterday the conduct of March of Flags at the scheduled time, and the Israeli police immediately started its preparations. 

The march was supposed to be on the tenth of May on the occasion of the so-called "reunification of Jerusalem" yet was delayed as a result of the latest Israeli war on Gaza. 

Popular and Jerusalemite events and factions called for triggering a general alarm in Al-Aqsa mosque and the old town to fail the Israeli plans. 

Palestinian activists headed calls via social media outlets to gather in the yard of Damascus gate in parallel with the march. 

Head of Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center, Ziad Al Hamouri, said that Israel's insistence on conducting the march aims at deepening the statement that says Jerusalem is under Israeli control. 

He stated that the Israeli authorities try to enforce sovereignty over Jerusalem, especially when it failed to implement the march last month as the Palestinian Resistance fired rockets toward the city. 

He said that the recent Israeli war on Gaza and the Palestinians' unity inside and outside Palestine put the Israeli occupation in a big crisis. That is why they insist to organize the march despite all the Palestinian warnings. 

He noted that the Palestinians are ready to confront the March of Flags. 

"Israel wants to clinch the demographic deal in the city and make the Jerusalemites a minority, confirming that Jerusalem and its holy places are for the Palestinians Jerusalemites. 

A Jerusalemite Researcher Khaleh Awadallah said that the Israeli occupation authorities try hard to implement the conduct of elections re-gain trust by its people. 

"Israel's insistence on implementing the March of Flags discloses its worries and deficit," Awadallah said. 

He said that Israel needs to use the settlers as militias to help it unofficially implement its Jewish plans, considering them tools to enforce sovereignty over Jerusalem. 

He also warned of new clashes to erupt between Israel and the Palestinian Resistance. 

Jerusalem Affairs Specialist, Ziad Ebhais, said that this march has been a matter of the extremists' existence who consider the march criteria of their control over Jerusalem.

"The new Israeli government is the weakest and most paradoxical," Ebhais said.

He stated that Israel attempts to deceive the Jerusalemites by saying that it collected 2500 police officers to secure the March of Flags, while in fact, it collected every power it has to let the settlers raid the Damascus gate on the 10th of Ramadan, but it failed. 

"On Ramadan 28th, it did the same mistake in Al-Aqsa mosque as it brought 1200 Israeli soldiers and officers to secure the entry of settlers to Al-Aqsa mosque, but it failed again," Ebhais said. 

"Even if Israel brought thousands of soldiers and officers to the field, it will fail again," he added. 

Source : Safa