Removing 30% of the rubble in Gaza

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza said on Wednesday that it was able to remove more than 90,000 tons of rubble from homes and buildings destroyed by the Israeli aggression on the Strip last month.

Undersecretary Naji Sarhan said in a statement to Safa that the ministry's crews, in cooperation with local contractors and Egyptian engineering teams, were able to remove 30% of the rubble, weighing approximately 90,000 tons.

Sarhan expected that the process of removing the rubble will continue until the next two months.

The ministry's crews, in cooperation with the local and Egyptian teams, are working to strengthen the crumbling buildings and repair the partial damage, which does not need to be completely demolished.

With regard to the "Al-Jawhara" and "Al-Da'our" towers, which were severely damaged, the government official pointed out that no decision has been taken yet regarding their removal or the possibility of restoration later.

He said that about 50 Egyptian vehicles and contractors are providing support and assistance in the process of removing rubble in several locations.

Sarhan, who returned from Cairo with a ministerial team to discuss the reconstruction file a few days ago, expected that the reconstruction process would begin next month by bringing in the required building materials through the Rafah crossing.

And the Undersecretary suggested the need for about 2-3 billion dollars to rebuild what the occupation left behind during several previous wars on Gaza, including the recent aggression.

The number of residential buildings and towers that were completely destroyed during the last aggression reached 30 towers and buildings (8 floors and above, including 5 main towers).

Sarhan said that the number of housing units that were completely destroyed, and partially uninhabitable, during the last aggression, reached two thousand, while about 22 thousand units were moderately and slightly damaged.

Source : Safa