Israel extends the detention of the wounded prisoner Wissam Abu Zeid

The Muhjat al-Quds Foundation reported on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation authorities extended the detention of the injured prisoner Wissam Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Zeid, 23, from Jenin camp in the northern West Bank, until next Monday, pending investigation, although he is still staying In Afula Hospital under treatment.

Muhjat al-Quds clarified in a statement reached Safa that the occupation authorities extended the detention of the prisoner Abu Zeid via video conference, pending investigation, although he has not yet been investigated.

The occupation authorities leveled suspicions against him about possession of a weapon, combat materials, and affiliation with a prohibited organization, which the prisoner Wissam denies in whole and in detail.

The foundation pointed out that the prisoner Wissam was detained on Wednesday evening, June 9, 2021, when two cars belonging to the Special Forces intercepted the car he was traveling with, accompanied by the martyr Jamil Al-Amouri, and started shooting at them, which led to the death of his companion Jamil and his severe injury to his right foot. 

The prisoner Abu Zeid was left bleeding on the ground for more than an hour until the ambulance arrived and transferred him to the "Afula" hospital, and there he was admitted directly to the intensive care unit until November 6, 2021, during which he underwent two surgeries, and he is still staying in the orthopedic section and his foot tied to a special iron device.

It was indicated that a third operation was performed on Sunday, June 13, 2021, to clean and sterilize the wounds, and according to the hospital doctors, he needs continuous medical monitoring and he may stay in the Afula Hospital for about 10 days to complete the necessary treatment.

Source : Safa