Reconstruction of Gaza to begin within 3 months

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza said on Sunday that the reconstruction process of what was destroyed by the Israeli occupation with the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip is expected to begin within the next three months, expressing its optimism that Egypt will help in the reconstruction of Gaza very soon.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry in Gaza, Naji Sarhan, said during an interview with Voice of Al-Aqsa Radio that about 1,200 housing units were completely destroyed, 1,000 were uninhabitable, and 40,000 were partially and moderately damaged.

Sarhan pointed out that the cost of the reconstruction of the housing units that were destroyed during the recent aggression is estimated at 165 million dollars, pointing out that there is a financial deficit of 150 million dollars from previous wars.

"We are close to complete the assessment of the damage and our crews will communicate with the citizens we were unable to visit” he added.

"We are currently providing relief in cooperation with institutions operating in the Gaza Strip and we have provided $2,000 from the Qatari committee to about 500 families whose homes were completely destroyed," he added.

The relief of the affected citizens needs $18 million and there are contracts amounting to $7 million, and that there is a deficit of $11 million.

On the cost of damages to the various sectors (infrastructure, economy, and others), Sarhan stated that this cost exceeds $500 million, in addition to a $600 million deficit from previous wars.

Source : Safa