European diplomats call on PA to give clarifications on Banat's murder

Channel 11 (Israel) disclosed a meeting between European diplomats and the Head of the Palestinian General Intelligence Majid Faraj about the assassination of Nezar Banat by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank days ago. 

It said that the European delegation asked Faraj for clarifications on the circumstances of the murder of Banat. 

"Faraj said that the Palestinian Authority knows that what happened was a big mistake as it is now investigating the conditions of Banat's murder," the channel said. 

The delegation, consisted of 20 diplomats, complained of the excessive use of force against the civilians who protested against the assassination of Banat.

The delegation is supposed to meet Banat's family in Hebron today. 

Banat was hardly beaten by the Palestinian Authority Forces while he was in his relatives' home in southern Hebron. On Thursday morning, his death was announced and his family accused the Palestinian Authority of his murder. 

The autopsy results showed that the reason behind his death is abnormal and confirmed that he was exposed to brutal beating all over his body causing hemorrhaging in the lungs. 

The Palestinian Authority Forces suppressed lately several protests that broke out against the assassination of Banat in the West Bank.

Source : Safa