Hamas: Tactics of intimidation and fear will not silence the free Palestinian voices

Hamas confirmed that the tactics of intimidation and oppression the Palestinian Authority employs to silence the voices demanding accountability for the killers of the activist Nezar Banat will not succeed.

It condemned the campaigns of arrests and attacks the Security Forces practice against the activists, journalists, and protestors against the assassination of Nezar Banat. 

"The intimidation and fear tactics employed by the Palestinian Authority forces, whether they wear their uniforms or not, will not succeed to silence the voices calling for holding the perpetrators of the Banat's murder accountable. This requires a serious attitude from  the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to form an investigation committee," Hamas said. 

It called on all journalists and human rights activists to adopt a united position regarding the oppression and repression practiced against them by the Palestinian Authority forces. 

It also referred to the detention of the lawyer Muhannad Karajeh and the journalist Alaa Al-Remawi, and the ongoing systematic incitement against Al-Remawi.

It stressed that freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by Palestinian law. 

It called on the leaders of the Palestinian Authority to start taking serious procedures to hold the perpetrators of the assassination of Banat accountable and to stop chasing the protestors and journalists. 

Source : Safa