Occupation forces Jerusalemite to forcibly demolish his house

The Israeli occupation municipality on Sunday forced a Jerusalemite to forcibly demolish his house in the town of Jabal Mukaber, southeast of occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Ali Khalil Shqeirat began this morning to demolish his house in the Al-Sana'a area in the town after the occupation municipality notified him of the demolition, otherwise, its mechanisms will do so and he has to pay the costs of the demolition, according to eyewitnesses. 

Shqeirat had to demolish his new house using hand tools to avoid paying the exorbitant costs of demolition.

Shuqairat’s house has an area of 80 square meters and he had received the demolition a week ago and he tried to delay it, but this morning he received a call from the occupation police threatening him, “If he does not demolish, the municipality will do so, and he will be fined large sums of money.”

Jerusalemites are forced to self-demolish their homes to avoid paying huge sums of money in the event that the Israeli municipality implements the demolition.

On the second day of Eid al-Adha, the occupation municipality staff handed the Jerusalemite Muhammad Mahmoud Matar from the Ain al-Lawza neighborhood in the town of Silwan a decision to demolish his house within 21 days.

Matar explained that his house has been built since 2011 and during the past years he was able to freeze the decision of demolition and the occupation municipality imposed on him a building violation worth 30,000 shekels until it issued the final demolition decision a few days ago.

The house consists of a bedroom, a kitchen, a hall, and health facilities, whose area does not exceed 50 square meters. 

Source : Safa