Israeli municipality bulldozes land and uproots 100 trees in At-Tur

The Israeli occupation municipality bulldozers on Wednesday razed the land of Ahmed Abu Sbeitan in the town of At-Tur in occupied Jerusalem and uprooted about 100 trees.

Eyewitnesses told Safa that the Abu Sbeitan family was surprised by the Israeli municipality bulldozers storming their land and uprooting trees on the pretext that they did not implement the order to demolish the house and the zinc panels surrounding the land.

They explained that the municipality's crews raided the land about two weeks ago and handed them a notice to demolish two rooms made of reinforced iron and remove the zinc panels around the ground.

They added that the municipality's bulldozers came to the land and bulldozed it, despite the family's implementation of the decision to demolish the two rooms.

Source : Safa