Israel escalates targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalemites on the Jewish holidays

Although the Israeli attacks on occupied Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque do not stop throughout the year, their pace increases during the Jewish holidays.

These attacks constitute a major and important station on the path of seeking to establish full "Israeli sovereignty" over Al-Aqsa and an attempt to change the Islamic reality in it.

The Jewish holidays have begun last Tuesday, starting with the "Hebrew New Year", followed by the "Yom Kippur" on September 16, and on the 21-28 of September, it will be the "Feast of the Throne".

The "temple groups" plan to use these holidays to impose the biblical rituals at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which has made it its central goal since 2019. Those groups said that they have been working hand in hand with the occupation police to impose the biblical rituals for years.

Serious Disaster

The specialist in Jerusalem affairs, Jamal Amro, said that the Jewish holidays constitute a serious disaster for the Jerusalemites and their holy places, especially the Al-Aqsa Mosque, due to the Israeli violations, incursions and measures they witness that increase their suffering.

Amro reported to Safa that the occupation and extremist groups are taking advantage of these holidays to blatantly violate the Islamic sanctities, intensify the storming of Al-Aqsa, and attacking Jerusalemites.

He added that the holidays also constitute a dangerous occasion to destroy what remains of the Jerusalem economy, by imposing the occupation unjust measures, such as placing military barriers, restricting the movement of traders to their shops in the Old City, and stopping the movement of goods.

According to Amro, the occupation government is making every effort to mobilize the largest number of extremist settlers to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and desecrate it, and to hold Talmudic prayers and rituals inside it, in an attempt to impose its plan aimed at dividing the mosque.

Changing the Scene

The deputy director of the Islamic Endowments Department in Jerusalem, Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, reported to Safa that the occupation is using the Jewish holidays to achieve three goals: deepening Judaization in the Holy City, trespassing on the human level by bringing the largest number of extremists to the city center and holding festivals.

Bakirat explained that the occupation is working to make Jerusalem and its streets crowded with Jewish extremists as if it is a season for "Jewish pilgrimage," achieving the first goal.

The second path, according to Bakirat, is that the occupation has changed the visual vision of the city, by imposing closures, taxes, violations, arrests, and demolitions, not to mention the erection of Israeli flags and tents to celebrate the "Feast of the Throne", and others, which turn the lives of Jerusalemites into a nightmare.

As for the third path, which is the most dangerous one, he asserted that it is represented by the occupation’s exploitation of the holidays to change the Islamic scene in Al-Aqsa Mosque by increasing the violations and attacks against it.

He called for protecting Al-Aqsa and facing the aggressions of the occupation, calling on civil society, and associations to raise awareness of the dangers of these holidays, as well as exposing the policies of the occupation in all fields.

Source : Safa