Detainee Al-Deek lived torture, deprivation and oppression in Israeli jails

The ex-detainee Anhar Al-Deek recalls her harsh diaries and unforgetable memories in the Israeli occupation's jails. 

The Israeli occupation court released the detainee Al-Deek, 26, on Sep 3, 2021 under conditions of house arrest and bail of 40.000 NIS. 

Al-Deek was detained on March 8, 2021 which marked the World Women's Day. Even though she was 3-month pregnant, they kept her in difficult condition of detention without any consideration to her health status. 

"What I feared the most was imagining myself giving birth to my baby while I am restrained; with noone by my side; neither my husdand nor my famly," Al-Deek said to Safa.

She confirmed that she suffered very hard moments that she cannot even describe, and said: "I can't tell you how hard it is the pain of parting and the pain of pregnancy."

She noted that went through all kinds of deprivation and oppression. "Even imagining those moments are torture, but thanks to Allah; I am free today," she added. 

She also recalled how jailers treated her when she was in prison. "When I go to the doctor, they handcuff me. Although me legs were bleedings, they had not un-cuff me." 

She also said that she is still suffering severe pains resulted from strings and that she can not forget those scenes. She wondered how they would cuff a woman who is about to give birth; who cannot walk or even stand? 

"No matter how the jailers attempt to treat the detainees well, they are still jailers," she added.

She noted that she has never expected that the occupation would release her. 

She also confirmed that the occupation has not mercy. "I was afraid of having mer returned to the prison as many others were re-arrested at the same moments their families were family for them at the release point," she said.

"I cannot described how happy I am as I am free and my baby was born outside the prisons," she said.

Al-Deek gave birth to her baby on Sep 9, 2021 and named him Alaa. 

The Israeli occupation has detained 36 female Palestinian, including 11 mothers, in Damon prion, and practices all kinds of torute and deprivation over them.

Source : Safa