Official: Israeli attacks in Jerusalem attempt to quell any new uprising

The specialist in Jerusalem affairs Fakhri Abu Diab said that the escalation of the Israeli attacks in the occupied city of Jerusalem constitutes collective punishment and retaliation against the Jerusalemites and their steadfastness in the face of the occupation, with the aim of quelling any attempts to a new popular intifada (uprising) in the city.

In an exclusive interview with Safa Press Agency, Abu Diab said that the occupation forces have recently intensified their racist and systematic attacks against Jerusalemites, and put pressure on them through incursions, and arrests.

He added that "the occupation deliberately carried out daily arrest campaigns, raids on homes, abuse of residents, imposition of violations, restrictions on Jerusalemites and their movement, and closing of shops, under the pretext of Jewish holidays."

Moreover, Abu Diab stressed that the occupation authorities are trying with these attacks to annihilate any Palestinian resistance in Jerusalem, or any efforts to erupt a new uprising that may lead to confrontations in all neighborhoods and towns of the city.

Despite the continuous aggression, arrogance, and violence by the Israeli occupation, said Abu Diab, the Jerusalem neighborhoods are resisting the occupation and its settlers by all means.

Political Changes

On the occupation court’s postponement of the evacuation of the village of Khan al-Ahmar, Abu Diab said that the postponement comes to reduce international pressure, and try not to provoke the Palestinians. Therefore, many cases related to the displacement of Jerusalemites were postponed.

He stressed that the occupation objective is now focused on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the attempt to change the reality in it.

In addition, Abu Diab pointed out that the battle of the "Sword of Jerusalem" brought some changes in the occupation government's policy towards taking any practical steps and decisions against Jerusalemites that would bring tension, whether in Jerusalem or the occupied Palestinian territories.

"We begin to see this on the ground despite the intensification of incursions, Talmudic prayers, and the raising of the Israeli flag," he added, stressing the need to invest well the achievements of the battle so that the occupation would not implement mass demolitions in Jerusalem.


Source : Safa