Hunger-striker Palestinian detainee loses part of his memory and suffers severe pain

The family of the prisoner Miqdad al-Qawasmi, 24, from the city of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank, announced on Wednesday that their son had lost part of his memory, at a time when he was suffering from severe pain, with the passage of 84 days since his hunger strike.

Iman Badr, the prisoner's mother, told Safa that her son had lost part of his memory. In addition, he is suffering from severe pain throughout his body, and is unable to speak.

She explained that her son cannot bear to touch his head due to the severity of the pain, and often loses consciousness.

The prisoner's mother warned of the critical health condition of her son and the danger of death, if his demand for freedom and release was not achieved.

The prisoner Qawasmi continued his hunger strike, despite the issuance of a decision by the Supreme Court of the occupation to freeze administrative detention.

In a recorded video, Al-Qawasmi confirmed that he would not go back on the strike decision until he gained his complete freedom.

Al-Qawasmi was arrested several times, and he spent about four years in the occupation prisons, the first of which was in 2015.

Source : Safa