Abu Marzouk reveals the issues discussed at Cairo's meetings

Musa Abu Marzouk, member of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), revealed issues discussed at the movement's meetings in Cairo and its meetings with Egyptian intelligence.

Abu Marzuk told Turkey's Anadulo Agency that Cairo meetings had discussed the issue of Jerusalem, the situation in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian internal files and the issue of prisoners of war.

He stressed that his movement had not discussed a long calm with the occupation, "but we are continuing the battle to break the siege on Gaza."

The leadership enthusiastically stressed: "There is no real breakthrough in the calm file, and we have received Egyptian promises to speed up the reconstruction of Gaza."

He said: "We have agreed to create three new residential cities in Gaza, and plans for the development of major streets and intersections.

The leader, Abu Marzouk, points out that Egypt plays a positive and active role in the prisoner exchange, accusing the occupation of putting obstacles to the completion of the deal.

Last Saturday, Hamas announced the conclusion of meetings of its Political Bureau, led by Chairman Ismail Haniyeh of the Movement, and the presence of Political Bureau members from within and outside Cairo.

Source : Safa