Ministry of Education Launches Several Projects, funded by Malaysia

In cooperation with Cinta Gaza Malaysia, the Ministry of Education launched a number of projects that would serve the educational sector in Gaza.

Ziad Thabit, the Deputy Minister of Education, signed a memorandum of understanding with Mohammed Nadir Al-Nuri Kamarzuman, the CEO of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, to fund a number of projects with $400,000 in order to upgrade the educational sector in the Gaza strip.

Thabit pointed out that those projects aim at reforming the schools, damaged during the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza in last May, 2021. Also, they seek to establish an educational studio to present lessons for all age groups via Rawafed channel, launched by the Ministry of Education to close the educational gap resulted from the e-learning system during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

He also noted that the focus will be on the vocational and applied education, as new units will be established to increase the number of vocational schools.

Moreover, Thabit thanked Malaysia for its lasting support for the Palestinian people and their issue, confirming that the Ministry of Education will not disappoint the Malaysian efforts to upgrade he Palestinians to continue their resistance against the Israeli occupation.

On the other side, the CEO of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, Kamarzuman, said that the biggest part of the support will be provided for the high school graduates (Tawjihi), who gained above 98%.

He also added that Malaysia will keep supporting those students and help them achieve their dreams like all students worldwide. He finally said that his country will focus, in its support, on two sectors: educational and health, urging all countries to increase their support into these two fields.


Source : Safa