Lazzarini: UNRWA will play a big role in the COVID19 vaccination provided for the refugees

Commissioner-General of UNRWA stated that his organization will play a notable role in providing the COVID19 vaccine for the refugees in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem.

Philip Lazzarini confirmed, in a press conference held in Gaza, that the vaccination will be provided under the responsibility of the Palestinian National Authority while UNRWA will put all of its health possibilities to help.

Some changes have occurred to food assistance provided for the refugees, especially after the high rates of poverty and unemployment,” he reported.

We found main categories that need help. Hence, we need to set a special system for those people,” he added.

Lazzarini pointed out that 2020 was extremely hard for UNRWA due to the several political changes and economic crises, confirming that the coronavirus increased the refugees’ suffering.

During his visit to Gaza, he met a number of youths and creative people.

I admit that I am surprised of the creative energies and high spirits the people have here in Gaza. UNRWA has to pay attention to those people so they can achieve their dreams,” he said.

Regarding the international conference UNRWA organizes for, he mentioned that it will be held next June in which it will present its strategic visions of the services provided.

Lazzarini informed that UNRWA is facing an unprecedented financial crisis which affected the process of paying salaries for the employees in November and December.

We were eventually lucky to pay those salaries,” he commented.

The available budget may not cover our needs for 2021,” he added.

Lazzarini visited several capitals including the Gulf to mobilize support for UNRWA, noting that he is visiting Kuwait next Sunday for the same purpose.

He finally stressed on that UNRWA received a definite support in 2019 to be authorized, but this support might be turnd to a financial one so UNRWA can keep up its programs and services.

Source : Safa