Biden’s administration seeks to keep normalizing relations with Israel

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor to U.S. President Joe Biden, announced that the administration of Biden will work on widening the efforts of the former administration to build diplomatic, economic relations with Israel and the Arabs.

Last September, Israel signed an agreement of normalization with UAE, and then with Bahrain. Next month, Khartoum declared its agreement to normalize its relations in Tel Aviv, and in December, Morocco did a similar step.

“Biden’s administration seeks to revive the nuclear agreement made in 2015 as a first step to deal with the possible challenges posed by Iran, warning that Tehran has today become more close to having a nuclear bomb that before,” Sullivan said during a workshop held in United States Institute of Peace.

He added, “We will have to deal with Iran’s malignant behavior in the area, but for us, dealing with an escalating nuclear crisis is the priority in which they got close to having sufficient quantities of the fissile material to produce weapons.”

Sullivan pointed out that Biden’s administration seeks to resume some of the criteria related to the nuclear program of Iran, which collapsed in the past two years.

“Diplomacy and ending Iran’s nuclear-weapon will create a suitable atmosphere for an international effort gathering our allies and partners in the area, Europe, and any other place to deal with the possible risks Iran may pose, including the ballistic missile,” he added.

Sullivan also mentioned the big priorities of Biden’s administration, including facing China and Russia.

Source : Safa