Israel summons an activist from Al-Araqeeb village

The Israeli Police on Tuesday summoned the activist, Aziz Al-Turi, from Al-Araqeeb village, which is not recongnized in the Negev.

The Popular Committee for the Defense of Al-Araqeeb said that the Israeli police Yoav unit summonsed Al-Turi to its offices for an unjustified and vague investigation without any prior warning.

“Al-Turi will be subject to investigation on Tuesday at 1:30 pm,” the committee added.

The committee confirmed that the policy of intimidation would not stop the resilience and resistance of people of the village.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli authorities have continued to demolish Al-Araqeeb village since 2000 in a repeated attempts to push the villagers to frustration and despair and displace them from their lands.

Source : Safa