Walla: Israeli army may allow entering Coronavirus vaccine into Gaza

The Hebrew website Walla said on Sunday morning that the Israeli army tends to allow doses of the Coronavirus vaccine, for medical staff, to enter the Gaza Strip.

The website stated that the Palestinian Authority had submitted a request to allow the Russian vaccine to be entered into the Strip for the use of medical staff, expecting that the army would approve it in light of the high rates of infection with the virus in the Gaza Strip and fear of deteriorating the security.

The Minister of the Israeli Army, Benny Gantz, and the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Aviv Kochavi, will ratify, in the coming days, the request submitted by the Authority in this regard.

Walla reported that Gantz will settle the matter soon, and quoted a senior officer as saying that "Israel has allowed medical equipment to enter the Gaza Strip during the pandemic of Coronavirus," noting that the Coronavirus vaccine is no different from the transfer of usual drugs or the vaccine against flu.

The leadership of the southern region of the Israeli army fears a wider spread of the Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip, which could lead to a security escalation.

Source : Safa