Minor prisoner suffers deteriorating in his health condition

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Committee said that the minor prisoner, Amal Nakhla, 17, from Jalazoun camp in Ramallah is facing administrative detention inside Megiddo Detention Center, suffering from harsh and worrying health conditions.

The Committee stated in a report issued on Wednesday that the boy, Nakhla, suffers from a rare disease called “myasthenia gravis” that weakens communication between nerves and muscles, as the disease causes him to have episodes of weakness in the muscles, especially the muscles of breathing and swallowing, and he needs close health follow-up and special care.

In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus inside the Israeli prisons, there is clear concern about the fate of this child detainee due to his difficult health condition.

The Israeli prisons administration does not care about the prisoners ’conditions, as it denies them the means of prevention and public safety, in addition to placing them in harsh detention conditions that make prisons a fertile environment for the spread of disease.

An administrative detention decision for 6 months was issued against the minor Nakhla. Also, this detention is without a specific charge and without trial and it deprives the detainee and his lawyer of knowing the reasons for the arrest, and in many cases the administrative detention order is renewed at the last moments of the term of the expiring of the previous administrative detention.

It is worth noting that the child Nakhla was arrested for the first time on November 2, 2020 and continued for 40 days, and Israel re-arrested him again on January 21, 2021 and an administrative detention order was issued against him.

Source : Safa