Israel turns Mamilla cemetery in Jerusalem into Disneyland

Israeli occupation works hard to obliterate all Islamic monuments of occupied Jerusalem.

Mamilla Cemetery, which lies in west Jerusalem, is one of the most notable Islamic monuments in Jerusalem. It was exposed to defamation and obliteration all along the past years.

It is one of the most ancient, biggest, and widest cemeteries of Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation turned a big part of the cemetery into hotels and public gardens in which only 15 dunums, out of 200 dunums, are left now. Hence, Israel seeks to turn it into Disneyland and a huge conference hall.

Mamilla Cemetery has religious and historic importance for all Muslims in which includes a large number of shrines of prophets, scientists, authors, scholars, and martyrs who participated in the opening of Jerusalem in 636.

Since 1948, the cemetery could not escape from Israel's ongoing assaults, and attacks as Israel has been performing its plans of Judaization aiming to change and obliterate all Islamic and Historic monuments of Jerusalem and its culture. 

All along the past years, the Israeli occupation dredged cemeteries and dug the bones of the dead.

Israel turned 70% of the cemetery into a garden called "The Garden of Independence." It consists of a large hotel, car garage, school, bathroom, and a museum. Although, Israeli occupation authorities plan for implementing other projects of Judaization to occupy what is left of the cemetery's space.

Obliteration of Islamic Monuments

Fakhry Abo Diab, a researcher of Jerusalem affairs, stated that Israeli authorities seek to build a conference room and a hall for entertaintment over what is left of Mamilla Cemetery to turn it into a Disneyland. 

"Israeli Municipality ratified turning the Museum of Tolerance, built over the cemetery's debris into an amusement park and restaurants for the Israelis," Abu Diab said.

He added, "the implementation of this project needs special funding from the family of Miliardaire Arison, who is one of the most supporters of Israel."

He also pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities target all Islamic cemeteries of Jerusalem, including Bab al-Rahma cemetery and the cemetery of Lions' Gate, as well as attack the dead.

A blatant violation

Attacking the cemetery is a clear violation against the creed of Muslims as well as a violation of the international laws which forbid digging up the cemeteries and attacking the dead, according to Najeh Bakirat, head of Islamic Waqf.

He said, "Israel turned its back to all international agreements and attacks properties of Islamic Waqf that cannot be touched."

He added, "it seizes the regional situations and the world being busy with confronting the coronavirus to do whatever it wants against our Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem."

To confront those attacks, Bakirat called to force Israel to let Jerusalemittes bury their dead inside the cemetery. 

He also mentioned that Jerusalemites had previously organized several protests against attacking the cemetery, and today, they are demanded to organize a bigger protest to protect our monuments.

Bakirat called on the families of the occupied lands of 1948 and the Islamic world to add their voices to the Jerusalemites to prosecute Israel for all the crimes committed.

Source : Safa