Euro-Med Monitor condemns the Israeli mass killings of Palestinian families in Gaza

The Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights condemned the Israeli Army's targeting of entire families and destroying their homes in inhuman military operations. 

The Monitor documented the bombing of 31 sites: 21 were homes destroyed over the head of their inhabitants, two people gatherings, two cars with people inside, and two agricultural lands. 

The raids resulted in the death of 96 civilians, including 44 children and 28 women. 

One of the most merciless crimes documented by the Euro-Med Monitor was on May 16, when the Israeli military fired more than 50 rockets over residential homes and streets in the Al-Remal neighborhood in western Gaza. They targeted a building for the Abo Al-Ouf family, another for Al-Kolak and the Ministry of Labours, resulting in 44 civilians killed, including 18 children and 13 women. and 50 injured, including 8 children and 15 women. 

The Monitor noted that the Israeli Army killed Alaa Abo Hatab family home without any prior notice. it killed his wife, their 4 children, and his sister with 3 of her children; only one survived who is less than 5 months old. 

It confirmed that Israel re-uses its policy of deliberate targeting of civilians' homes as what happened in the past Israeli aggressions over Gaza, without any consideration for the humanitarian international laws and seizing the international organization's deficit to hold Israel accountable for its previous violations. 

Article 25 of the 1899 Hague Regulations provides: “The attack or bombardment of towns, villages, habitations or buildings which are not defended, is prohibited.”

It mentioned Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention which states that "Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or the State, or other public authorities, or social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered necessary by military operations."

According to Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the unjustified destruction of properties is considered a grave breach of the Convention. It is also considered a war crime according to Article 8 (2) (b) of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

It confirmed the international community's silence, including the European Unity's negative position on the Israeli war crimes in the occupied territories contributed to giving Israel the green light to continue with its escalated violations against Palestinians.

It called on all acting powers to end Israel's brutal aggression over Gaza and act to end the military operations that steal civilians' lives every hour. 

The Euro-Med Monitor for Human Rights called on the International Criminal Court to monitor the current Israeli violations against Gaza, include them in their recent investigations into Israel's previous violations, and hold the Israeli soldiers and leaders accountable.

Source : Safa