Sheikh Bakirat: Israel allows settlers to storm Al-Aqsa mosque to justify their defeat in their aggression on Gaza

Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, Deputy Director-General of Islamic Waqf, said that the occupation police allowing Israeli settlers to raid Al-Aqsa mosque today morning was an attempt to justify their defeat during their latest aggression on Gaza. 

"The Israeli occupation police wanted to prevent the entry of prayers, under 45, to Al-Aqsa mosque to provide a security cover for the extreme Israeli settlers during their raid into the mosque," Sheikh Bakirat said to Safa. 

He confirmed that what is happening to Al-Aqsa mosque will not undermine their defeat, and will not change the historic reality of the mosque. 

He noted that the raids into Al-Aqsa mosque did not stop and will not as it is not the first time they closed Al-Mughrabi gate. 

"When they feel insecure, they close Al-Mughrabi gate. This matter is connected to the Israeli policy as the occupation has been taking control over the keys of the door since 1967," he said.

127 Israeli settlers stormed Al-Aqsa mosque today morning and the Israeli occupation authorities reopened Al-Mughrabi gate after 20 of being closed. 

The Israeli soldiers attacked the prayers and fired several Palestinian youths from inside the mosque. 

They also prevented prayers under the age of 45 from entering the mosque and arrested 4 of Waqf employees. 

This is the longest period Al-Mughrabi gate stays closed in front of the Israeli settlers since 2003. 

The occupation government decided to prevent the Israeli settlers from storming Al-Aqsa mosque two weeks ago because of the last days of Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr, and the conditions Jerusalem and Gaza were facing. 

Source : Safa