Hamas: Israeli arrests in Jerusalem and West Bank will not put down Palestinian's revolution

Hamas said that the detention campaign the Israeli occupation forces launch against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, West Bank, and the occupied territories will not put down our people's revolt, who keep defending their right to living in their homelands and confronting Israel's plan of displacement. 

"We, as Palestinian people, face the colonial policy and the racist mentality of the Israeli occupation authorities as they displace us from our homes and occupy them by force and under the pretext of absentee property laws," Hamas said in a statement. 

It added that our people's revolution in the occupied Palestinian territories is against the policy of displacement and Judaization of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque. 

It greeted the Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, and occupied territories who are going through the battle of existence, and confirmed that the colonial racist project of Israel will fail. 

Hamas also called on the friendly nations and countries to support the Palestinians' rights and the Palestinian cause, which is the oldest cause of liberation in the world, as it is the time our nations must gain independent sovereignty. 

Source : Safa