Arab Commission for Human Rights calls for protecting families of Sheikh Jarrah from forced expulsion

Arab Commission for Human Rights called, on Thursday, on the international community and all concerned institutions to take the necessary measures to protect the families of Sheikh Jarrah from the forced expulsion from their homes in Jerusalem. 

The commission confirmed that the forced expulsion of Sheikh Jarrah's families from their homes is a war crime and a crime against humanity, Jerusalemites are protected according to international law, and that the occupation has no authority over them according to UN Security Council Resolution (478).

This came in the final statement of the Special Session of the Arab Commission, which was held under the title of "Protection of Human Rights in Occupied Palestinian Territories, including Jerusalem."

 It stressed the importance of intervening to end the prevention of prayers from reaching the religious places, attacking them inside Al-Aqsa mosque, provocating their emotions, and desecrating their holy places. 

It also called on the International Red Cross and all related organizations to ease the entry of emergency aids to Gaza, including medicines. 

The commission condemned the crimes committed by the Israeli forces against the Muslim prayers in Al-Aqsa mosque, which escalated in the past weeks and days of the holy month of Ramadan and resulted in many Palestinians injured and arrested. 

It warned that those attacks and crimes violate the Muslims' emotions all over the world and predicts a wave of violence that threatens the peace, stability, and security in the region. 

It condemned the latest Israeli aggression on the Palestinians in all occupied Palestinian territories, especially the brutal bombing of civilians in Gaza and the use of banned weapons against them, which caused the death of dozens of them and the injury of hundreds of children and innocent civilians. 

It called on the international community to act and end the ongoing Israeli attacks against the Palestinians. 

It also called on the International Criminal Court to move forward in the investigation of the war crimes and the crimes against humanity committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, including displacing families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and other Palestinian neighborhoods. 

It confirmed the importance of declaring Israel as an occupying power that commits crimes against humanity, and called on the Human Rights Council to take responsibility for criminalizing the Israeli occupation, constitute investigation committees and support its work in Palestine, and on the international community to boycott the companies working in settlements. 

Source : Safa