Israeli shelling separates siblings and closes their only livelihood

Ibrahim Junaid, 6 years old, recalls the moment they were targeted by the Israeli shelling during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza. 

He and his brother lay in the hospital's beds since the bombing; each one of them in a different section due to the nature of their injuries so they receive the needed medicine. 

"I was playing with my brother. Out of nowhere, an unmanned plane came closer and rocked us. My brother and I fled. They carried us to the hospital as I was injured in the belly and my brother Waseem, 22, was injured in the head. My other brother Mousa, 19, was killed," he said. 

Waseem suffers from an injury in his hand, leg, and other parts of his body, while Ibrahim suffers from health problems in the bowels, kidney, and stomach due to the fragments that penetrated his body. 

Ibrahim catches his father's Khamees who accompanies him during his treatment journey.

"Stay strong, Ibrahim. You will get better soon," the father keeps saying this to his son each time Ibrahim moans in Pain. 

"My sons were in the grocery store, which is their main source of income in Jabalia, and my little son Ibrahim was playing there," the father said to Safa. 

He added, "the place we live in is overpopulated. An Israeli rocket suddenly rocked a motorcycle and caused the injury for many people that were there, including my three sons."

"The ambulance reached and carried them to the hospital to declare later that my son Mousa was killed, yet Ibrahim and Mousa were transferred to al-Shifaa hospital to continue medicine. They are still in the hospital until now," he said. 

The father continued; civilian innocent children setting in their workplace. We do not know what they did to be targeted in this brutal way in such an overpopulated place. 

He wondered; what crime did Ibrahim commit to being severely injured like this? And Mousa who was setting in his workplace to have a source of income so he can help me feed the family? What about Waseem? 

He described what happened to his family as a huge misery. 

He hopes his injured children get well soon, return to normal life, and reopen their grocery which has been closed since the bombing. "Whenever I look at the grocery, I recall my sons and what they had to live," he finalized. 

Source : Safa