Journalists' Syndicate holds protest against Israel's violations of Palestinian journalists

Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate organized on Sunday a protest against the Israeli occupation forces' attacks against the journalists in occupied Jerusalem, most recently arresting Jivara Budairi, the Aljazeera correspondent. 

The protest was held in front of the Aljazeera office in West Bank, with the participation of several journalists who expressed their objection to what the journalists face in Jerusalem. 

Nasser Abo Baker, a Palestinian reporter, said that the unity of the journalistic body can confront and stand the way of the ongoing wave of attacks against the Palestinian journalists, especially in Jerusalem, 

He called for holding the Israeli occupation accountable for their crimes against the journalists and confirmed that this will make the Palestinian people support all media institutions that are being exposed to an unprecedented wave of violation. 

He stressed the importance of supporting the Jerusalemite journalists, the basis of freedom, who are being exposed to detention and oppression. 

Walid Al-Omari, head of Aljazeera office in Ramallah, said that what happened was an episode in the targeting journalists series. 

"This is their way in dealing with the journalists, even though they wear the press padge. So, what about the civil citizens? It is more terrible," he added. 

He also confirmed on chasing the Israeli government for attacking and arresting al-Budairi as the situation is no longer bearable, and called on the journalists' Syndicate to watch what the journalists face at the hands of the occupation forces in Jerusalem.

Source : Safa