Mansour: Israeli attacks deteriorate the situations in Palestine

Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, confirmed that inaction to take practical procedures affected the power of international law and credibility of the Security Council since the Israeli occupation, the longest military occupation in history, was allowed to manipulate all laws and rights. 

This came in three letters Mansour sent to the Secretary-General of UN, head of the Security Council, and head of UN General Assembly about the Israeli ongoing attacks against the Palestinians. 

He stated that the Israeli attacks against the Palestinians raise tension, all of which make the situations in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem, more deteriorated. 

He mentioned that Israel's continued attacks on the Palestinian activists who participate in peaceful protests against the displacement of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan.

He noted that Israel intensified its brutal campaign of arresting journalists, and destroying media tools. (13 journalists were arrests in May without a real accusation.) 

"Israel continues to arrest, beat and intimidate the Palestinian youths who protested against the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza and ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem," he said. 

He stated that more than 4000 Palestinians, including women and children, inside the Israeli prisons, are subjected to inhuman treatment, physical and psychological torture, and violations of human rights. 

"Israel continues to merge the illegal settlements," Mansour added. 

He confirmed that the international community must force Israel to stop all of its illegal colonial activities in the occupied territories, including Jerusalem, as they violate international law.

He also said that after 54 of the beginning of the Israeli military occupation, the situation in the occupied territories deteriorated along with the crisis of human rights aggravated.

Source : Safa