Hamad: what happened in Jenin confirms that flame of resistance does not die

Candidate of ''Al-Quds Our Destination'' electoral list, Samar Hamad, said that the crime the Israeli occupation committed in Jenin last night and the subsequent armed clashes confirm that the roots of resistance do not die, but move among Palestinian youths. 

3 Palestinians were killed last night in light of confronting the Israeli forces who tried to storm Jenin. 

"This coward crime is an episode of Israel's series of crimes which has been lasting for decades," Hamad said. 

"The occupation proved to the world that it does not protect any international conventions as it raids, steals, and kills our Palestinian people with cold blood," she added. 

She paid homage to the martyrs who were killed by the Israeli occupation forces, prayed for them, and greeted their families. 

She confirmed that the Palestinians are the people of resistance. 

3 Palestinian were killed and another was injured during clashes with an Israeli special unit in Jenin at today dawn. 

Medical sources noted that the martyrs were the ex-prisoner Jamil Al-Amouri, Adham Tawfiq, 23, and Taysir Issa, 33.

Source : Safa