National and Islamic Forces call on international community to prevent Israel form attacking Gaza

The Follow-up Committee of the National and Islamic Forces said in a statement that the commemoration of the Gaza War 2014 made it important for the international community to act and stop Israel's ongoing aggression against the people in Gaza, West Bank, Jerusalem, and all occupied territories. 

They called on the international community to intervene and rebuild what the Israeli army destroyed in the Gaza War 2014 and the latest Israeli war in May 2021. 

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the Israeli War 2014 whereby the Palestinian people resisted the brutal aggression of the Israeli army over Gaza. 

The statement said: "The Gaza War 2014, known as the Operation Protective Edge, was a turning point in the Palestinians' history as the Palestinian Resistance could resist the Israeli aggression for 51 days in a row despite the great damage caused by Israel's use of power to destroy the city."

It also confirmed that resistance is a legal right to all Palestinians until they gain national independence and return.

Source : Safa