Prisoner's Club: Demolition of prisoners' houses is a collective punishment crime

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club considered Israel's demolition of prisoners' houses as collective punishment with the aim of taking revenge on the prisoner Shalaby, his family, and all Palestinians.

 "The Israeli authorities adopt an extremist policy of demolishing houses as a collective punishment to harm people whose only fault is that they are relatives of a prisoner or a fighter," it said in a statement.

The club reported that this action violated all international laws and that the international institutes considered it a war crime. 

The occupation authorities escalated the collective punishment policy, including the demolition of prisoners' homes, as 6 houses of prisoners' families were demolished during the past year. 

Today morning, the occupation forces bombed the house of the perpetrator of Zaatrah Montaser Shalaby in Ramallah. 

They stormed the village at night and started to break into homes, dig into walls, plant big amounts of explosives. 

Shalaby's family had previously evacuated their house from their furniture and belongings after the Israeli Supreme Court ratified the demolition order. 

Clashes erupted after the demolition between the occupation forces and the Palestinian youths where they closed roads and threw stones. 

Montaser Shalaby implemented the Zaatrah operation last May as he killed a settler and injured two. 

The occupation forces started to chase him for a week until they caught him in an abandoned house in Silwad town.

Source : Safa