Palestinian detainee talks about his detention conditions in PA's prisons

The Palestinian political ex-detainee Haitham Sayyaj said that he was hardly beaten by the Palestinian security forces in the police station in the Bireh.

 The security forces repressed a peaceful protest last week, calling for the release of the political detainees, attacked the families and activists, and arrested other human rights figures. 

Sayyaj said that the forces of the Palestinian Intelligence wearing civil clothes chased him and another man until they caught them, beat them with hands and sticks, and took them to the police station. 

He noted that the security forces pulled him to a room and started to beat him in all over his body until he was transferred to the hospital as a result of the beatings. 

He also said that he was detained with criminals arrested for stealing and drugs in a room that lacks light and ventilation, noting that this little tiny room had more than 40 detainees.

 Sayyaj said that in the court, he was tried for sedition, illegal gathering and attacking security forces, noting that he was released temporarily to follow up with the court's proceedings from outside.

Source : Safa