Jabal Sbaih between Israeli repression and Palestinian steadfastness

Three months have passed for the Palestinian uprising in Jabal Sbaih in the town of Beita, south of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank. Palestinians are protesting all forms of settlement on their land, as the occupation is trying to impose a settlement outpost by military force.

However, the occupation increased its targeting of participants, using explosive bullets, the effects of which appeared in large numbers of people.

The volunteer doctor at the Red Crescent hospital in Beita, Abdel-Jalil al-Hanjal, said that the occupation deliberately targets the low limbs with live bullets, which often leads to severe injuries.

He added to Safa, "It has become common when walking in the streets of Beita to see numbers of young men using crutches."

For its part, the Committee for the Resistance of the Wall and Settlement said that five martyrs and more than 150 wounded had their limbs broken by live bullets, during three months of the battle to defend Jabal Sbaih.

There are 2,700 wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets and various injuries, and massive damage to infrastructure, roads, agricultural lands, and olive trees, according to the committee.

Moreover, Said Hamayel, the father of one of the martyrs, reported to Safa that the occupation, from the beginning, practiced repression against the young men of Beita.

Hamayel added that "Beta is exposed to organized state terrorism and systematic criminality, which has resulted so far with 5 martyrs and dozens of wounded."

He pointed out that the international community and human rights organizations are complicit with the occupation by their silence on these crimes.

Source : Safa