Hamas rejects framework between UNRWA and US signed last July

On the 2021-2022 Framework signed between the Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration and UNRWA on July 14, 2021, to resume the US financial contribution to UNRWA’s activities, Hamas said that the US endeavours to liquidate the Palestinian cause has been undoubtedly clear, in line with Israeli interests.

"Having reviewed the Framework and the very humiliating and dangerous conditions imposed by the US on the Agency under the pretext of achieving financial stability in UNRWA, we think that the US endeavours to liquidate the Palestinian cause has been undoubtedly clear, in line with Israeli interests," the movement said in a statement.  

"The Agreement seeks to terminate the Palestinian refugees’ issue, which is the essence of the Palestinian cause, and dismantle UNRWA, the only organization that bears witness to the Palestinians’ catastrophe and forced displacement. Now the US administration attempts to achieve these goals by blackmailing the Agency—it has already failed to achieve these goals through the Deal of Century, but now it resorts to blackmailing the Agency," it added.

"We believe that the Framework between UNRWA and the US to restore funds is against the UNRWA mandate, the International Law, and the International Humanitarian Law. This agreement makes UNRWA a security-political body controlled by a foreign country," it stressed.

After reviewing the document, Hamas also stated the following:

First: We declare that we absolutely reject the 2021-2022 Framework signed between UNRWA and the US, and we demand the Agency withdraw from it without any further due.

Second: We reject taking any measures against the UNRWA’s staff or beneficiaries in the five fields where UNRWA operates, pursuant to this Framework.

Third: Notwithstanding our realization that UNRWA’s financial deficit is man-made, that it is a priority to find out sustainable solutions for this crisis, that the international community, on top of it is the UN, should burden its responsibility towards this crisis, we denounce any conditional agreements signed with, or in the name of, UNRWA. Such agreements put UNRWA’s mission and the Palestinian-refugees issue in danger.

Fourth: We reiterate the necessity for comprehensive national work to express rejection to this Framework agreement in all UNRWA’s operation fields and under a national action plan.

Fifth: We call on the Palestinian people inside Palestine and in the diaspora to organise activities in protest against this agreement and defense of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, above all return and decent life to refugees.

Source : Safa