Israeli occupation forces a Jerusalemite to self-demolish part of his house

The Israeli occupation municipality forced the young Jerusalemite, Fayez Izhiman, to demolish part of his house with his own hands in the town of Beit Hanina, north of occupied Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Izhiman said that the occupation municipality asked him at first to demolish the concrete ceiling with the possibility of changing it to a wooden ceiling, and indeed he did so, but he was surprised by a decision to demolish the walls of the room. Then, the municipality crews came and put the signs on the walls of his house and identified the demolition areas for forcible implementation, and gave him until the next month to implement the decision.

He explained that the part that he demolished is a “living room”, and only a room and its benefits remain in the house, but it is not fit for habitation, because the demolished room is connected to the house.

He pointed out that the occupation municipality had forced him, in June 2020, to demolish part of his house with his own hands, and imposed a fine of 9,000 shekels on him, but he was forced to rebuild and renovate his house because there was no other shelter for him.

Izhiman added: "We build with our own hands and demolish with them too, and this is the cost of living in the occupied Jerusalem, and we will remain in it and will endure despite all these persecutions."

Source : Safa