Israeli occupation bans leader from Jerusalem for 6 months

The Israeli occupation authorities issued a military decision banning the former leader of the Northern Islamic Movement and the former mayor of Umm al-Fahm, Suleiman Igbariya, from entering Jerusalem for 6 months.

The decision, signed by the official of the Home Front, General Uri Gordin, stated, "Because I believe that the matter is necessary for the security of the state and the safety of the public, I order the prevention of Suleiman Igbariya's entry, residence, or presence in the area of influence of East Jerusalem, as indicated in the list attached to this."

According to the decision, the period of deportation from East Jerusalem begins from September 5, 2021, until March 4, 2022.

The official of the home front in the occupation army claimed that he took this military order based on the recommendation of the intelligence service, which claims that Igbaria is carrying out security activities against the Israeli establishment in East Jerusalem.

According to the decision, Igbaria is prevented from entering about 22 neighborhoods of East Jerusalem.

Source : Safa