Hamas warns against retaliatory measures after unprecedented jailbreak

On Israeli occupation arrest campaigns launched across the West Bank after six Palestinian detainees broke out of the Israeli occupation jail, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas warned against retaliatory measures.

"The heroic battle of the “freedom tunnel” is a milestone in the history of the Palestinian people, especially the detainees held in Israeli occupation jails. The Israeli occupation should realize that the Palestinians are prepared to sacrifice their lives and property to provide protection for the detainees who escaped prison," said Mousa Dudeen, member of Hamas Political Bureau.

"Furthermore, all Palestinians, wherever they exist, are willing to respond to any Israeli occupation offensive launched in retaliation for the prison break," Dudeen added.

"We confirm that the Israeli occupation’s brutality, raids, and arrest campaigns across Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank will not dissuade Palestinians from protecting the detainees who broke out of the jail. We also believe that the “freedom tunnel” battle is a continuation of the Palestinians’ freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation," he stressed.

"Hamas warns the Israeli occupation against targeting the families of the Palestinian prisoners to cover its security and intelligence failure. Moreover, the families of the detainees will remain a safe shelter for the Palestinian resistance and freedom fighters."
"We call on the Palestinian people to show solidarity with the Palestinian detainees held in Israeli occupation jails. The Israeli occupation has started to impose many retaliatory measures on detainees to erode their morale. But we deem such measures as desperate attempts to deny the detainees their victory," Dudeen concluded.

Source : Safa