Hamas condemns the break-ins into the houses of Banat family by the security services in the Bank

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has "strongly" condemned the continued incursions and raids by security services in the West Bank into the homes of Banat family and the intimidation of their members.

In a statement reached by SAFA on Thursday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassem identified these incursions as a violation of the law and social norms of our people.

Kassem called on all national actors to put pressure on the Authority's security agencies; To stop her attempts to obliterate the facts and prevent justice from being served on the murder of the martyr Nizar Abat.

Local sources said that the security services broke into a Banat family home in Hebron at dawn, "to try to disperse the case of the murder of the activist Nizar Abat, and pressure the family to end the case."

Source : Safa