OCHA: The occupation demolishes 22 Palestinian buildings and target 600 trees in two weeks

The Israeli authorities demolished or seized 22 Palestinian-owned structures for lacking Israeli-issued building permits, displacing 13 people and otherwise affecting the livelihoods or access to services of over 1,400. Nine people were displaced in the Bedouin community of Hammamat Al Maleh - Al Meiteh in the Jordan Valley as a result of the demolition of seven structures on 1 November. Four were displaced in East Jerusalem. 

Over 1,100 people were cut off from access to piped water by the demolition destruction of a water network in Massafer Yatta (Hebron); the access of 120 people, including farmers and their families, to their land was undermined by the destruction of an agricultural road in Ya’bad (Jenin); and about 50 pupils were affected when parts of their school, which had been constructed with international funding, was confiscated in Hammamat al Maleh community (Tubas). 

Additionally, the Israeli authorities demolished a house and a stone wall and uprooted 90 olive trees in the Khallet al Louza area of Bethlehem, affecting the livelihoods of 66 people.

Israeli settlers injured four Palestinians, and people known or believed to be Israeli settlers damaged or stole the harvest from at least 600 olive trees. In one incident, Israeli settlers pepper-sprayed three staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross while they visited Palestinian farmers in Burin. 

In the H2 area of Hebron, a boy was pepper-sprayed and a seven-year-old girl fell down and injured herself while being chased by settlers. The affected trees were in five locations, mostly in the vicinity of Israeli settlements including at least 380 trees whose harvest was stolen near Burin village in Nablus and near Nahhalin village in Bethlehem.

 At least 200 trees belonging to Palestinians from Turmus’ayya (Ramallah) were vandalized, as were 25 trees belonging to Palestinians from Al Ma’sara (Bethlehem). In the Nablus governorate, settlers reportedly stole agricultural tools used for harvesting olives in Khirbet Sarra and Jalud, and killed two sheep and injured five others in Beit Furik. Settlers also threw stones in the Silwan neighbourhood of East Jerusalem, causing damage to vehicles and houses. 

Source : Safa