Conclusion of the Events of the Anti-Balfour Cultural Week in Gaza

The events of the ''Anti-Balfour Cultural Week'' were concluded by a national conference held in the Islamic University in Gaza on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. It was entitled ''Palestine and Balfour: The Promise of Displacement and the Journey of Liberation.''

Prof. Naser Farahat; the chairman of the Islamic University, Prof. Naeem Baroud; the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Ghassan Weshah; the chief of the preparatory committee of the conference and the head of the Department of History in the university, and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zaeem; the director of the PALM Strategic Initiative Centre attended the conference. Moreover, several university lecturers, intellectuals, university students, headteachers, and students also attended the conference.

The conference was filled with national and artistic shows in both Arabic and English languages. They represented the misery of the Palestinian people since the Balfour Declaration, their resistance, and their dreams of freedom and return.

During the conference, Dr. Ghassan Weshah, the chief of the preparatory committee of the conference, praised the Palestinian people's awareness. He also described the Israeli occupation's bet on its success to normalize the new generations after 104 of the Balfour Declaration as hopeless.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zaeem, the director of the PALM Strategic Initiative Centre, pointed out the importance of holding similar events regarding the issues of the prisoners, the hunger-striking prisoners, Al-Quds, and the Israeli occupation's violations against the Palestinian families and their holy places.

Pro. Naser Farahat, the chairman of the Islamic University, also confirmed the significance of translating and spreading the principles of the Balfour Declaration among the Palestinian to compare them to reality. Hence, they will find that occupied territories in Palestine are bigger than what Britain promised to give to the Jewish people. He also talked about that this promise will be eliminated by the return of the Palestinians into their homelands.

Also, Dr. Naeem Baroud, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in the Islamic University, said that the Balfour Declaration is unjust and this is the time for the landowners to return to their homelands.

The events of the "Anti-Balfour Cultural Week" have started since the beginning of November by e-participations on the Facebook page of the conference. They included media materials about the Balfour Declaration and its impact on the Palestinians until this day, visual letters, and articles written by writers, scientists, and students.

Such events aim at making a global public opinion to press on Britain to apologize for signing the Balfour Declaration and to consolidate the Palestinians' right to return to their homelands and end the Israeli occupation.

Source : Safa