Hamas denounces UN Security Council failure to condemn colonial settlements

Dr. Basem Naim, head of Hamas' political and foreign relations portfolio in the Gaza Strip, denounced the failure of the UN Security Council, in its last session on November 9, 2021, of passing a resolution to condemn the Zionist settlement and the occupation's classification of six Palestinian institutions as “terrorist.”

Naim considered the Security Council's fiasco gives the Israeli occupation a cover to continue its crimes against our Palestinian people and encourages it to continue its violations against Palestinian civil society institutions.

"Colonial settlements are contrary to international law by international consensus", said Naim, stressing that it is contrary to the relevant Security Council resolutions, including Resolution 2334.

Naim warned of the danger of the occupation continuing its crimes under international cover; a matter that increases tension and instability.

Naim called on the international community to assume its responsibilities and take practical measures to stop the occupation's crimes, led by an extremist right-wing government, against our Palestinian people.

Source : Safa