International Society Confirms Its Support for UNRWA

UNRWA said that the international society has confirmed, by an overwhelming majority, its support for it in its annual conference.
Dozens of countries pledged to provide UNRWA with financial and political support.

8 member states announced a donation of more than $614 million through agreements running for several years. UNRWA’s statement mentioned that the implementation of those agreements with the expected scenarios will equal 40% of UNWRA’s basic budgetary requirements for 2022. 

The conference, entitled “The Sustainability of Palestinian Refugees’ Rights and Human Development,” was headed by Ayman Al-Safadi, Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Anna Lindh, Sweden’s Foreign Minister. Also, other officials participated in the conference. 

Phillip Lazzarini commented on the conference that this conference shows the confession of the international society of the active role UNRWA plays in the Middle East. Also, Antonio Gueterres said that they need to find a way for bringing more funding that is enough for UNRWA and includes all of its financial commitments.

Source : Safa