Prisoners' Authority holds the occupation fully responsible for elderly prisoner's life

The head of the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, Major General Qadri Abu Bakr, on Tuesday held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the life of the elderly prisoner, Fuad Al-Shobaki, 82.

In the evening, the occupation authorities suddenly transferred the prisoner Al-Shobaki to Soroka Hospital.

In a press statement, the authority said: "Al-Shobaki suffers from several diseases in addition to cancer. In addition, his health condition is very difficult and dangerous, and he was recently transferred several times to several hospitals due to the severe deterioration of his health."

Al-Shobaki, nicknamed “Sheikh of Prisoners,” is the oldest prisoner in the occupation’s prisons. He is from the Gaza Strip, and has been detained since 2006, and is sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Source : Safa