Algeria reaffirms its steadfast position of Palestine, says Algerian MP

In rejection of Arab normalization with Israel, and in support of the Palestinian right, Amira Selim, a deputy in the Algerian parliament, initiated a bill that prohibits "promoting normalization with Israel through the media and alternative media."

Selim said in an exclusive meeting with Safa that the draft bill is a parliamentary initiative that reflects the vision of the established Algerian institutions towards the Palestinian cause, and their rejection of all forms of normalization with Israel, and also represents the speech of the Algerian parliament members without any interference from the executive authority.

She added that the bill stems from the positions of Algeria rejecting normalization, and it comes as an affirmation of the struggle of parliamentarians in defense of the Palestinian right, and the need to enlighten the public opinion that this serious issue affects the steadfast Algerian positions towards the issues of the nation, especially the Palestinian issue.

Moreover, she pointed out that this project is inevitable, because Algeria adopts a democratic system, and when the parliament approves it, it will prove the conformity of the position of public opinion with the Algerian leadership.

Regarding the contents of the draft bill, Selim stated that it includes penal provisions regulating official and unofficial media and alternative media to prevent the promotion of normalization.

She explained that the draft strictly prohibits every person or party from promoting the discourse of normalization with Israel through official or private media. The policing authority assumes the follow-up of the process of monitoring the application of this article through the monitoring techniques that it owns according to the law.

In addition, she added that according to the articles of the law, the Public Prosecution may initiate a public case based on a complaint about every media person or worker in the media sector of all technical or administrative types who promotes normalization and is referred to the judiciary for investigation.

Also according to the law: neither individuals nor institutions are permitted to promote normalization with Israel in public institutions, protest demonstrations, professional union activities, or through alternative social media to the official media.

Selim considered that the call for normalization is a "misdemeanor prejudice to the unity of the nation" and is punishable by law, pointing out that the bill will be presented to the Parliament's Legal Committee, and it will be discussed in Parliament prior to voting on it.

Furthermore, she stressed the steadfast position of Algeria - an authority, people and institutions - that rejects the agreements of Arab normalization with Israel.

"There is no good for any privileges or gains from these agreements that sell positions and consciences, and give up the land and just causes," Selim added.

"This project will succeed in turning into the first Arab law to reject normalization and confront all its forms," she said, emphasizing that this law would impose popular and institutional censorship on the media, and would legally deter any institution or person from dealing with international bodies promoting normalization.

Source : Safa